Türk Dili
Yabanci Diller





The courses of Turkish language aim to enable the students to correctly and effectively use the language,follow the resources and develop their thinking skills in Turkish.

The program is offered to freshmen on the basis of 2-credit and 2-hour courses per week in a semester.  (TURK 101 in the fall semester and TURK 102 in the spring semester )

The students are required to pass the tests administered each semester. Besides %80 attendance is a must.

Literary and current materials are utilized in the courses. (The classics, the newspaper articles, the news, authors and lecturers invited to the university, etc...)



İletişim: Bağlıca Kampüsü Eskişehir Yolu Hazırlık Binası D Blok Zemin Kat 06530 Ankara, TÜRKİYE

tel: 0312 2466730-2466625